FAA MedXPress Application Required!

FAA MedXPress is a web application pilots must use to submit their certification applicant information (Items 1 through 20) of the FAA Form 8500-8. Pilots need only a valid email address to create a MedXPress account to use FAA MedXPress. MedXPress is designed to expedite the processing of a pilot’s request for certification and shorten the pilot’s office visit with the AME.

As of October 1, 2012, pilots are required to use MedXPress.

Before scheduling your appointment, we want to confirm that you have filled out the MedXPress application. Please select the appropriate action below to continue. Note that, at this time,  FAA Air Traffic Controllers should click the green button as MedXPress is not available for ATC applications.

Yes, I have completed the MedXPress application »No, I need to complete the MedXPress application »